The Stache Box - Gift Set

Real Bearded Men

$ 49.95

The Stache Box is the perfect grooming kit for someone with a Mustache and Beard. This box features an Ox Horn Comb, a Mustache Wax, and a Beard Balm. A great gift set for a Real Bearded Man that has a Mustache and beard.

The box is made with natural wood and features the Real Bearded Men Logo on it when it is closed. The box is a gift in and of itself, and is there to be used as safe storage for your favorite Real Bearded Men all natural beard care. The comb can conveniently be taken in and out of the box to its designated area where it is attached by a small piece of Velcro. This is made so the comb will always be there for safe keeping and to add to the unique design of the packaging.

Real Bearded Men Mustache Wax will keep that unruly Mustache in shape and out of the way of the mouth. The Real Bearded Men Ox Horn Comb is perfect to comb the mustache and the beard as well. Because of its convenient size its not too big for the stache but not to small for the beard. In addition this box comes with any Beard Balm of your choice. 

This box makes a great gift for any guy with a beard and Mustache. When ordering please specify in the notes which Beard Balm you would like, so we know which ones you would like in the set.


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