Real Bearded Men Ox Horn Beard Comb

Real Bearded Men

$ 24.95

Our Hand Crafted Ox Horn Combs are one of the best ways to keep your beard well groomed. When using an ox horn comb you are able to avoid the static you get from a plastic comb and smoothly run the comb through your beard without damaging it. Horn combs are known for their ability to help relieved dandruff and left overs from dead skin cells. Also they are great for spreading the oils evenly through out your beard. 

These specific combs are fine toothed and great for relaxing and straightening hairs. They are also great to use on the Mustache. Because horn combs are less damaging to hairs it makes them a superior mustache comb because we all know how sad it is to watch those long mustache hairs go to waste. 

They are also great to take on the go as they are folding combs and will fit perfectly into your pocket. 

One more great feature of Ox Horn Combs is that each one features a unique design due to the natural imperfections of the animal. Combs can vary in many different ways so the comb you receive may look very different from the one in the image. Feel free to email us if you would like a selection. 

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