Eletrunks - Midnight Stealth

Real Bearded Men

$ 28.00
As a Real Bearded Man, you dress your beard with the best products. Now, take the next step in caring for your manhood. We're proud to announce our partnership with Eletrunks Nation by joining forces to bring you the best of the best. Try out these insanely comfortable underwear that will do more than change your world, Eletrunks will elevate your lifestyle. No chafing. No compression of the man bits. Always sit in the perfect location. Try a pair to discover the future of comfort. 

Details and Cool Info

  • Modal fabric made from sustainable Beechwood tree fiber. Think breathable, moisture wicking, silky smoothness.
  • No special washing instructions! Put these suckers in any wash and dry mode you like. No shrinking, pilling, or fading.
  • These are made in the most standard of all sizing. No funny business. Just get your  waist size.
  • MADE IN THE USA!!! Brooklyn, NY to be exact.