Dead Sea Salt With Hemp Beard Oil

Real Bearded Men

$ 19.95


Everyone has been asking for us to come through with even more Hemp Based products. And the call has been answered. I know everyone loves the smell of our Hemp Beard Balm,however, the scent for this oil is amazing as well. However, just using Hemp did not seem like it was enough. So we took it to the next level with this one.

Hemp With Dead Sea Salt Beard Oil is the revolutionary oil that has comes with salt from the dead sea inside each oil. For those of you who don't know about the dead sea it is located in Israel and is known to be the lowest point on earth. The dead sea get's it's name because nothing lives in the water due to the high concentration of salt. Even though it is difficult for anything to live where all this salt exists, the sea itself is known for its many healing qualities and benefits for the skin and hair.

This Beard Oil is not only extracting the minerals from the dead sea for additional benefits but also comes with an immaculate combination of oils that makes the beard feel amazing. The smooth mix of Apricot Kernal Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, and Vitamin E makes this one of the most well balanced oils out there for the beard. This oil will give the beard a great shine and amazing softness while protecting the skin. Not only will the oil promote strong healthy beard growth, but it will also strengthen the roots of the hairs. In addition this is the perfect blend to repair damaged hairs and stimulate more growth.

Dead Sea Salt With Hemp has amazing refreshing scent. It is a combination of earthy yet citrus based scent that your beard will love. Its scented with all natural essential oils that give additional properties for a healthy beard. Perfect to match with our Hemp Beard Balm and Hemp Beard Wash

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