Why Should I grow a Beard?

This may be the most asked question we get all the time. The simple reason is because Beards are awesome and natural. But most importantly you should grow a beard because it is your true identity. If you are capable of growing a beard then it is growing no matter what. You should embrace it and be the Human Being you were designed to be. Stop wasting money and time on shaving and fulfill your bearded destiny!!!

I just started Growing a beard, what do I do when it gets itchy?

Real Bearded Men Beard Oils/Balms will moisturize your skin and relieve the itching significantly depending on your level of sensitivity. Also stay away from chemical based products because they remove the natural oils from your face and can cause dryness and irritation.  The most important part is not to get discouraged and keep growing your beard!!!!

My Beard is starting to get a bit out of control and is getting difficult to maintain, what should I do?

Once your beard starts taking on a personality of its own the most important thing to have is a brush or a comb that works for you. Different styles of beards acclimate to different brushes or combs. This is something that you will have to do some trial and error with. It is also important to use a brush or comb that won’t pull out too many beard hairs. Boar bristle is good for thicker beards and combs for thinner hair, also at different lengths you might want to switch it up. We will soon have different combs and brushes available in our inventory that will provide a great deal of help maintaining a nicely groomed beard.

How should I apply Beard Oil?

Beard oil is applied by pouring it from the dropper on your palms and rubbing it throughout your beard making sure you are moisturizing your hair follicles as well as the skin underneath your beard. The amount should be based on preference. Thicker beards typically require more. You can also apply beard oil directly to a brush and brush it in.

How should I apply Beard Balm?

Scoop some balm onto your finger and rub it into your hands. Make sure you thoroughly rub the balm into your beard making sure it penetrates into your skin and gets absorbed by your hair. The balm is more of a leave in conditioner and will also provide more of a styling effect for your beard. After it is applied it is good to comb or brush your beard for your desired effect and an additional layer of balm can be added if needed, this is usually more common if you have a larger beard?

Are there any discounts available?

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