About us

Hi everyone we are the Real Bearded Men. We have been friends for a very long time; we pretty much grew up together. And through these years we came to a very simple conclusion, a man isn’t supposed wake up every morning or every other morning and have to shave. This doesn’t make sense it just makes someone else dollars, and everyone is convinced this is the way it’s supposed to be. However we strongly believe that shaving is a waste of time and that having a beard is a much more satisfying option. This being said we support anyone who is in a civil service role who cannot have a beard due to their safety. With that in mind we decided to stop shaving. Our love for beards didn’t stop there; with intensive research and many sleepless nights we began developing our product line. Our goal is to provide fellow Beards-men with the highest quality beard products to help grow and maintain their beards. Remember the most important rule “Don’t Shave Grow it long Bearded Style!!!!!!”