World Beard Day - Celebrating beard greatness


World Beard Day - Celebrate beard greatness today

Every year World Beard Day is held on the first Saturday in September, and pogonophiles from all over the globe celebrate the brotherhood of beards and all things hairy on the facial front.

For us Beardies it’s a day of rest and recreation, letting those around us wait on our every whim. You should not have to lift a finger, and definitely you should not shave, even if you don’t possess a beard! Indeed, using your razor today would be considered an act of sacrilege against those furry follicles and should be avoided at all costs. You and your beard are lord for the day, to be treated with the respect so often lacking on the other 364 days of the year. It’s the day to unite with your fellow beardsmen and there are lots of things you can do to honor those hairs on this very special day of the year.

World Beard Day is also the day to get the word out to the clean shaven community that having a beard is great! It doesn’t matter how many men choose to sport a facial mane, there are so many different styles and variants that whatever type of beard you choose will set you apart from the sheep of society.



It’s thought that Vikings from Denmark devoted special days to pay homage to their glorious facial assets as long ago as 800 AD, and the importance of their beards was such that they may have held many such days throughout the year, perhaps commemorating them with the rape and pillage of neighboring towns and communities beyond their own…

Vikings Beards

The actual origins of a World Beard Day may have been lost over the centuries but became a regularized celebration in 2010 when an enthusiastic band of bearded brothers from Scandinavia felt the time was right to make a memorable global day of honor, with festivals and competitions to mark the occasion.



Parades and carnivals dedicated to the eminent beard feature in many countries around the world, along with street parties and other organized games and events. Each country and region brings its own unique look at how to honor this natural facial phenomenon, with the common factor of showing devotion to, and the greatness of the beard by presenting events, music and food especially for the occasion.

World Beard Day Festival

Sweden is probably the place where celebrations for World Beard Day are the most popular, and large organized events include contests for the best or most beautiful beards. What’s more, barbers from all over the country demonstrate their skills against stiff competition for the accolade of most proficient beard shaper and stylist. It is said that in Dönskborg, the clean shaven are forced to leave the village to spend 24 hours in the forest, while those with beards burn effigies of their hairless friends and family members.

Sweden World Beard Day

Allegedly southern Spain sees many villages and towns host a very unequal boxing match, where a beardless boy is put up against a bearded man with a sharp pike! It all sounds a bit like David and Goliath, except that the hirsute chap always wins…

Allegedly southern Spain Beard

Jameson Irish Whisky has, in more recent times, brought World Beard Day to the fore by holding its own events, including sponsoring bearded musicians, vocalists, poets and comedians, etc in a ”Don’t Drop The Mic” stage performance, an improvisation show, often becoming interactive and interdependent on the spectators’ reactions. For 2019, Jameson’s is targeting the celebration of beards in Nigeria.

Australia sees an annual hatchet-toss contest with beard clubs competing to see who can throw this mean bit of kit the furthest. We hope they bury the hatchet in friendly rivalry rather than in each others’ heads! 

The biggest event appears to be the "Official World Beard Day All-Bearded Human Pyramid” with teams from across the world struggling to balance as many bearded chaps as they can into a towering monolith of men. The results can be a bit hairy to say the least! The current record stands at 22 from the USA, narrowly winning the title from the Australians who had successfully pyramided to the tune of 19 human building blocks.


You don’t have to go global to commemorate World Beard Day. This special day can be celebrated in a variety of ways at home or in your local vicinity, the most popular being having your bearded buddies round for a BBQ and beverages, lighting a bonfire for an evening of congenial entertainment (including raising your voices in song), or holding a competition day, either pitting beard against beard or beard against shaven, with games (board-, card- and drinking-), best beard awards and sporting activities held in the backyard or local park. You could even arrange events for the local bearded community with all of the above, plus a face painting and false beard stall for those who wish to join the merrymaking but don’t, for whatever reason, own a beard!

Although this day seems to attract competition between our bearded brothers to promote the virtues of facial fur in all its manliness around the world, ultimately it’s about the joys of beard ownership in all its styles and forms by having fun with friends with the same interest in facial awareness, and with those who appreciate hairy men even if they don’t sport a beard themselves.

Whether you choose to celebrate on a global scale or just in your own backyard, this holiday is fast becoming more widely known through the power of social media. So if you’re doing some special with your beard today, share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get the word out, and maybe send us some of your fun pics too – we’d love to see what you get up to!


Whatever you choose to do today, however you decide to celebrate, RBM wish you an awesome World Beard Day!


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