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Did you watch the Super Bowl earlier this month? Who did you support? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers played against the Kansas City Chiefs in this epic final and they were the first team to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium in the history of the game. This peculiarity paid off and they won by an overwhelming 31 – 9.

Is it any coincidence that a whopping 26 of the 28 players (picked from the starting line up, the special team and the key reserves) all had beards? That’s nearly 93%! Did the Bearded Buc’s have some Samson-like strength added to their game by sporting facial hair? And would they have been so successful if Delilah had come along and given them all a close shave?

Let’s have a look at Buccaneers’ Team Of Beards, with some stories and facts along the way…

super bowl beards

Offence and Defense Players

RB Ronald Jones II, with his short dreadlocks and (unlike many of his peers) a truly friendly smile, shows off a very well suited chinstrap beard. He has been known to shave it off in the past but we like him with it. A great example of a well cared for beard! CB Jamel Dean also more recently has cut back his thick mane and now has a successful chinstrap beard, as does FS Antoine Winfield Jr. who shows us just how neat a chinstrap can look!
Jamel Dean Beard
WR Mike Evans is another player with a good heart that he wears on his sleeve. Last year he publicly wrote a sentimental letter dedicated to his mother on Mother’s Day thanking her for her continual love and support, particularly in adverse circumstances. He went on to not only include all mothers in the US and across the globe but also to thank his wife Ashli for being his soul mate and best friend.
Evans Beard

LT Donovan Smith... wow... this guy has a beard as wide as his shoulder pads! Ex team mate Jameis Winston once said “Donovan, man, he always looks good. He’s straight smooth, from New York. He’s always going to have a nice, clean-cut beard, always going to have a big smile on his face. He’s just a big teddy bear pretty boy (laughs).”

Donovan beard

C Ryan Jensen has one of the most unique beards imaginable, with his long ginger locks, muttonchop sideburns and under-chin goatee. It takes some fortitude to pull this off but Ryan does it in style.

RG Aaron Stinnie, with his short curls and full fuzzy beard, played 100 percent of offensive snaps in the game. Before the Super Bowl he said “One of my favorite quotes is ‘every setback is a setup for a great comeback’. I try to live by that. Growing up I had a lot of people telling me I’d never be able to do this and not be able to do that … when people tell you things like that, just put a chip on your shoulder and use it as motivation.”

Stinnie beard

RT Tristan Wirfs, another with short curls and chin hair, sometimes he sports stubbly sideburns (and sometimes not!)


DE Ndamukong Suh has a kind of full beard but with its own style and shape. We’re not sure what to call it but maybe it needs an engineering type of name. On Instagram he wrote “In honor of National Lego Day I decided to put my love of engineering, instilled by my dad, to the test! With the help of my wife we built the city of Paris, in honor of my brother Dom hoopin in France.”

Suh beard

ILB Lavonte David, considered a veteran at 31, sports a relatively rare goatee, along with OLB Shaquil Barrett (a little more unkempt and with stubble muttonchops) and SS Jordan Whitehead with his nicely shaped mustache sitting reverently over his natty goatee.

LaVonte beard

Other offence and defense players with less lush or more ordinary beards styles include WR Chris Godwin (somewhere between designer stubble and fuzz), LG Ali Marpet (lengthy fuzz) and TE Rob Gronkowski (is it designer stubble, fuzz or a goatee?). Also DL Rakeem Nuñez-Roches with his wonderful dreadlocks but minimal chin covering, ILB Devin White with just enough chin stubble to scrape through our criteria, and while OLB Jason Pierre-Paul and CB Carlton Davis certainly have beards and sideburns, we don’t consider them anything out of the ordinary! But they still count as having facial hair so we’re including them 100%, and they’re certain good players!

Special Teams:

K Ryan Succop shows he’s the king of designer stubble.

P Bradley Pinion tweeted before the game “Love you coach!! Thanks for believing in me as a skinny kid that just wanted to kick a ball in highschool!He might not have had a beard then but he does now: His auburn fuzz takes away any fresh-faced look that might remain from those early days!

Pinion beard

KR/PR Jaydon Mickens. Is that a beard? Oh yeah! (Although we’d advise a little more symmetry on the lines please!)

Key Reserves:

RB Leonard Fournette has a beard to be proud of, and we reckon the sheer scale of it helped beat the Chiefs into submission.

Fournette beard

WR Antonio Brown has a full fuzz and mustache but nothing out of the ordinary!

WR Scotty Miller is one of only two Buc’s players that doesn’t have a beard although sometimes he seems to have a 5 o’clock shadow, but we’re not sure if that’s intentional or if he just hasn’t had time to shave. However, he’s worth a mention as he’s still part of a great team.

DT Vita Vea is ranked as one of best defensive players in NFL. With that beard, who’s to argue?

CB Sean Murphy-Bunting, another with short dreadlocks and some hair on the chin, but what woman could resist those freckles and dimples, smiley eyes and perfectly white teeth...?

Bunting Beard

In conclusion, the only Bucs player without any facial hair apart from Scotty Miller was the № 1 starting quarterback Tom Brady, a legendary sportsman and everybody’s talking point. At 43 he’s considered a veteran of American Football and the leader of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and even he managed to join in with a beard theme. Along with 42 year old New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, he photoshopped himself before the game with a reference to their seniority by including the History Channel logo. So when all’s said and done, yes, the players had beards and we think this must be the answer – the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won so successfully because they are all Samsons!

Tom Brady

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