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For the fourth year, hundreds of people traveled from across Europe for the British Beard and Mustache Championships. This epic championship was originally created as a means of raising money for charity and has grown exponentially while still maintaining its original mission. Although this event started small, this year drew over 200 people from 11 different countries.  

Four images of four different men with impressive beards

It kicked off with a parade, allowing all the competitors to show off their chops across the city.

Bearded men strolling through Britain in the parade

These championships set themselves apart with their wide variety of categories, including three homemade categories which allow anyone to take part in the event, as well as unique categories such as “Amish/Whaler”, and more specific ones like “Full Beard Over 12” Natural Moustache”.

Hosted by the Sandgrown Beardsmen, competitors got together to dress up in costumes, walk a runway, pose in a photo-booth, and enjoy food and drinks.

And the community that created this championship isn’t messing around. For months leading up to the big day, members of the Facebook page posted excitedly, trading tips about where to stay and sharing photos from last year’s competition.

Here are a few of our favorite winners from this year’s show.

Maxwell Newton, who took 1st place in the Over 12” Styled Moustache category:

One of the winners with a styled mustache and long beard

Russell Bristow, celebrating the city of Blackpool with his costume:

A bearded man in Union Jack suspenders, holding a beach ball

We love the variety you can see here, with mustaches and beards of all shapes and styles:

A wide variety of different men with different beards

Here are some of our favorites from the handmade category:

Three women with beards made from bottle caps, cubes, and an ice cream cone

Have you ever seen sideburns that rival these?

A man with his beard separated into two parts and a top hat

Many of the participants when asked cited the use of excellent, high quality beard oils and mustache waxes as the real secret to their beard success.

If you ever find yourself on the other side of the pond, we’d recommend hooking up with the guys over at Sandgrown Beardsmen. You’ll fit right in.  

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