Movember Mustache Madness!


Movember Mustache Madness Real Bearded Men

Movember! What Is It? And How Can You Join In?

You know about Movember, right? The month when chaps all over the world grow mustaches to raise awareness for men’s health issues, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, depression and male suicide. The goal of Movember is to "change the face of men's health”.

Running throughout November, the idea is to grow the hair on your upper lip in any style you desire, all the while asking friends and family far and wide to sponsor your efforts by putting their hands in their pockets to donate to one of the accredited Movember charities. The only drawback – and really this shouldn’t put anyone off participating – is that the growing time is limited to the 30 days in the month so that mustache styles of any great length are a difficult challenge.

However, for most, it’s the act of growing a mustache at all when one normally wouldn’t, that creates the attraction and the financial backing, and the choice to shave it off on 1st December, or not, is completely in your hands. So if you want to go on to create a more significant design, there’s nothing to stop you.

Here at RBM we share with you some styles and designs you could aim for in the short growing period, and some pointers on how to make the best of what you achieve on that hairy upper lip...


How To Begin Your Movember Challenge

The very first action is to stop shaving! Remember, this doesn’t apply to beard control as Movember is quite simply a mustache-only event, so whether you have a beard or not, the bit to stop shaving is just under your nose.

Once it starts to grow, keep it clean with beard wash and try to keep any itching or scratchiness at bay by using good quality oil made for the job. Don’t forget that this new creation not only affects you but your significant other too, so keeping it soft and comfortable is to your advantage twice over!

As it gets longer, think about what you are trying to achieve. Not just “a mustache, duh!” but what design you’d like to aim for, because at some point you’re going to have to bring those hairs under control by snipping and shaping to the style you want to create. It’s important to consider both the shape of your face and how your hair grows; small mustaches don’t look good on big faces, and vice versa. Long, chiseled or thin faces can easily be matched with many styles, and round faces can really benefit from a central point to focus on. If you tend to be a bit wild in your general hairy outlook, a simple bushy upper lip covering - the Trucker style, for example - can be to your advantage. However, if you're a rather dapper gent with a clean cut image, think about growing something with a little more panache like the Pencil or the English. Ok, a 30-day mustache doesn't leave you with many options but at the end of the month you might consider keeping it and letting it grow into something magnificent, so keep your options open – a Fu-Manchu, a Dali or even a Handlebar might be just the thing!


Fu-Manchu Mustache Style:


Dali Mustache Style

 Handlebar Mustache:

Handlebar Mustache


Types Of Mustaches: 30-Day Short Styles

Pencil: A very thin line of hair usually grown just above the upper lip, this design is very precise and needs a small dose of daily attention, and a steady hand, to keep it in perfect shape.

Pencil Mustache Style


English: A longer style where the sides are trained to grow straight. It often has a not-too-distinctive parting centrally located under the nose.

English Mustache Style


Toothbrush: Traditionally this is just a small patch, almost square or box-like, grown right under the nose, kept neat and tidy so that no hair extends over the lip. Think Charlie Chaplin rather than the other guy...

Toothbrush Mustache style


Painter's Brush: A dash of not-too-thick 'paint' extending the length of the mouth, rounded at the corners and trimmed to avoid upper lip coverage.


Pyramidal: Here the top of the mustache is only grown to the width of the nose but is then grown out downwards, so the bottom extends to the width of the mouth. It can be thin, medium or bushy; it's the shape that's important rather than the thickness.

Pyramidal Mustache Styl


Chevron: A thicker mass of hair in a chevron shape kept neat in appearance by keeping it in check so that it doesn't grow beyond the width of the mouth.

Chevron Mustache Style


Trucker: Similar to the Chevron but hairier, and best for men whose bristles grow straight. It should be allowed to go over the top lip but kept trimmed at the corners of the mouth so that it doesn't extend too widely. This style is a great Movember 'tache for those whose hair grows fairly fast as getting it to grow significantly over the lip in 30 days is an awesome feat!

Trucker Mustache Style


Short Horseshoe: Usually a bushy affair, but can equally be made to look quite dapper with a bit of care, the mustache hair can be kept short but allowed to grow downwards on each side of the mouth. These extensions aren't stand alone lengths of hair but new growth equal to that of the main mustache, growing as though they may attach to a beard below.

Short Horseshoe Mustache Style


Some styles will definitely benefit from a little wax to train the hairs to lay in the correct direction, and certainly if you decide to continue beyond the 30-day Movember period for a longer look, your new mustache will most likely need some help along the way. Why not try our Sage Mustache Wax which will both condition the hairs and hold the look for the most stylish results!

Mustache Wax Movember

Whatever you choose, however it grows, Movember gives the excuse to say "Hey, it's for charity" if it doesn't quite live up to the best expectations or fit with your personal style. So don't hide away, show it off in all its glory and pass the hat around!

One final word for those of us who already proudly sport a fine mustache... How about supporting the cause by committing to ‘Reverse Movember’? Again encouraging financial contributions, you pledge to actually remove your well established, beautiful mustache completely at the end of the month! Shock! Horror! But for such a worthy cause it’s the least you can do, and the very next day you can start afresh and have it back in no time at all!



  • Posted on by Antonio

    I missed out this time but maybe next Nov I’ll grow one.

  • Posted on by FabH

    This is for such a brill charity. When I did this I raised loads and my street-cred hit the roof!

  • Posted on by Den

    This November is my first attempt to grow a mustache. Thanks for this article. Very helpful

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