Life Transforming Beards...And How You Can Take Advantage To Better Your Outlook On Life


Life transforming beards

Stuck in a rut? Feel that something is missing in your life? Not entirely happy with the way others perceive you, and more importantly how you perceive yourself? Experiencing a lack of self-confidence? All is not lost! Just as the style of your beard can transform the shape of your face, so it can bring out hidden personalities that have been neglected in your life, leaving you half the man you should be!  Here at Real Bearded Men we explore beard psychology and the positive effects a beard can have on your life.

There are three parts to how growing a beard (or altering the style of the facial hair you already possess) can change your life: image, health and personality. Bearded men should know about these!

Image: Work With What You Have

Choosing your beard style is the all-important factor in the whole beard-image thing. The wrong design, a bad cut or general neglect of those facial hairs can all have negative connotations, leaving you out in the cold when it comes to being appreciated for your hairy chin asset.

IMAGE: Work With What You Have

Take the time to look at your face. Is it round? Square? Long? And observe how your facial hair grows. Beard growth can be patchy, thick or wavy, and these factors must also be taken into account. To gain a better understanding on what may – or may not – suit you, have a look at our guide here to help you decide the best style for your face, and also factor in whether you want to change the shape of your face or keep it as it is, with added hair! Think about how this could impact on your work situation too: a long full beard might seem the best choice for what you have, but might not go down too well in the office if they stipulate that a sharp, disciplined look is required. (Although a full beard, when well-tended, can fall into this criteria too, but will take extra work to keep it under control!)

Once you’ve made your informed choice, look after it! Well maintained beards are an attractive addition, but allowed to become neglected they can have a very different effect. Establish a daily routine and learn what products suit your style to keep those hairs from becoming a straggly mess. Oils and balms all play a major part in the upkeep of this most treasured possession, from the finely clipped design to the longer mane.

Health: Let The Beard Protect You

Some life-transformations offered by beard culture are rarely thought about, and certainly not the main reasons for growing one.

 HEALTH: Let The Beard Protect You

For example, men with beards can slow down the signs of aging by blocking up to 95% of harmful UV rays and reduce the risk of facial skin cancer. And constant shaving is proved to be the cause of dry skin, irritation and, sometimes, acne. Therefore wearing a beard helps to prevent these conditions (but of course you must be meticulous in your daily cleansing regime to prevent other undesirable conditions).

Beard hair can filter out dirt and germs, with the shorter hairs capturing minuscule germ particles, stopping them from passing into the body and therefore negating their ill-effects. Nose hair works in much the same way, so this isn’t such a fanciful idea as it might sound, and can help with not only germs but also to some extent allergies and hay fever.

Another health benefit is the insulation your facial hair will give you in winter. Cold wind and icy weather are naturally blocked, giving your skin the chance to stay healthy all year round and supplying you with comfort not experienced by the clean-shaven. The longer and thicker the beard, the more effective it will be against the elements.

Personality:  Engage The True You!

This is the really exciting bit!  If you’re having doubts about the way you come across to others, and if you feel your self-confidence is at a low, sporting the right beard can help you change your self-image and give you a feeling of assuredness and positivity. Ok, it’s all in the mind, we know that, but changing your image by replacing a meek clean-shaven face with a more manly persona can help you gain the confidence to change the way you live your life.

PERSONALITY:  Engage The True You!

If you allow it, looking more masculine can help to develop similar characteristics, with a wiser, more experienced physical outlook commanding a greater degree of respect. If you’re looking for it, beard attractiveness can also provide additional attention from potential partners. These returns, along with the compliments you’ll receive, will boost your confidence leading to further successes in all areas of your life. It’s natural to want to look and feel good, and a well-maintained beard of a style that suits you can bring rewards that make you feel at the top of your game, and consequently your self-confidence will also climb to new heights.

A great beard is not something that can be obtained instantly, and the patience you’ll need to create the look you desire can help you to learn how to be patient in other areas of your life; something that will earn you even greater respect because your decisions will be more thoughtful, and you will feel more relaxed and composed.  What goes around comes around.

If you really want to see life transformation at its finest, check out Gwilym Pugh on Bored Panda. From the tedious and unsatisfactory to the most fulfilling lifestyle (and an incredible measure of self-esteem thrown in), Gwilym’s beard helped with a metamorphosis beyond imagination, not just an image adjustment but a personality transplant, all for the better!

Beard Before and After

Beards represent many facets and you can read loads more on our regular blog page. Here we’re specifically concentrating on self-image and the potential to enhance life in a more positive, enabling way. Of course, there’s always the chance that someone will think you just forgot to pick up the razor in the morning! But whatever, celebrate your facial accouterment and everything it offers you...

Grow it, live it, love it!

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