How to Make Beard Oil, Balm, Shampoo, and Mustache Wax at Home: Best Recipes


DIY Beard Oil, Balm, Shampoo, and Mustache Wax at Home

DIY Beard Oil Recipe

With this new DIY-movement, it can be difficult to find the best beard oil recipe. To make homemade beard oil, it is critical that you include high-quality ingredients that nourish your beard naturally and discourage breakage or oil buildup. To mix, heat up the carrier oil to soften it and mix in your essential oils. Store in a heatproof, sterilized container and do a patch test on your skin before beginning regular use.

beard oil ingredients

Best Oil Recipes

Whatever your focus is for your particular beard, whether it’s thickness, stylability, or smoothness, you’ll need two key pieces: carrier oils and essential oils. The carrier oil is the heart of the recipe and acts as the foundation. Its job is essentially to deliver the nutrients derived from the ingredients to coat your beard and absorb into the skin beneath. The carrier oil you choose will make up roughly 95% of your beard oil, so it’s important to choose one or a mixture of a few that best suit your particular needs.

You’ll notice as you look at different beard recipes that typically the essential oils are what get featured most prominently, without the carrier oil, you’re unable to fully benefit from them. When choosing your carrier oil, think about what’s most important to you. We appreciate Jojoba oil for its lightness and longevity. On top of that, it works for any and all skin types and is gentle on skin, allowing you to slap it on without fear of irritation. Jojoba oil is widely considered to be the closest equivalent to those oils found naturally in your skin. It’s also possible to choose a blend of these oils. We find sweet almond, castor, avocado, and apricot oils blend together into a mixture that’s light, clean, and aromatic.

Once you choose your carrier oil or blend, it’s time to pick out the essential oils that can bring your beard to peak excellence. Sweating it out in the summer? Add some peppermint oil for a refreshing tingle. Job stressing you out? The scent of vanilla essential oil will have you feeling relaxed in no time. Tea tree oil has been found to fight breakouts and relieve skin inflammation, and cedar essential oil can promote new growth.

Once you’ve chosen your own blend, you’re ready to mix and apply! Be sure and research the safest blends to make sure you don’t end up with anything your hair and skin don’t like and always do a patch test before regular use. Sterilized pans and storage bottles are also important when working with anything absorbing into your skin.

Feeling overwhelmed or just not into spending a bunch of money on all these oils? Take a look through our extensive beard oil collection, where there’s an oil to match any beard need. We craft our oils with all-natural ingredients and are happy to do all the work for you.


Homemade Beard Balm Recipes

Making your own beard balm is pretty similar to making your own beard oil. The main difference here comes from the consistency difference of the two: beard oil, of course, is more oily in nature, while beard balm will have a thicker and waxier substance to it. In order to achieve this consistency, you’ll need beeswax or something similar mixed in. Adding shea butter to this is a great way to provide more moisturizing qualities and keep the mixture soft and pliable. This difference between beard balm and beard oil is to allow for a stronger hold, an easier stylability, and can really lock that moisture into your skin and hair.

Homemade Beard Balm Recipes


Aside from beeswax and shea butter, you’ll need to choose a carrier oil and an assortment of essential oils unique to your needs. To give you an idea, take a gander at our top-notch selection of beard balms.


Beard Wash Recipe

When you’re looking at mixing together your own beard wash, you should consider five key details of all the ingredients you’ll need: cleansing, moisturizing, lathering, scent, and quality of the ingredients. Skipping out on any of these factors will cause your beard wash to fall flat, and maintaining a clean and well-moisturized beard is the foundation to real growth and full potential.

Similar to beard oil recipes, you’ll need a good carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut to fully deliver those health benefits. Then you’ll need some sort of soap, and we recommend choosing something organic here because if you’re going to the trouble of making your own beard wash you might as well do it right. Choose a few essential oils that strike your fancy and mix in some distilled water and you’re ready to go. Make sure again to do a patch test and to have a sterilized storage container prepped for your mixture.

beard wash ingredients

At Real Bearded Men, we guarantee our customers the highest quality, natural ingredients available. Buying that one by one can add up, so save yourself your valuable time and cash and check out our beard-approved wash.

Natural Mustache Wax Recipes

Creating your own natural mustache wax will begin with one key ingredient: beeswax. From there, you’ll need to decide on a hardness. The hardest mustache wax is crafted from resins, followed by petroleum jelly, and then carrier oils, which would make the softest and most malleable wax. Beeswax provides moisture and further, locks it in through sealing the hair follicles. The final ingredients you’ll need to add are the essential oils of your choice.

When you have all your ingredients assembled, fire up a double-boiler and stir your ingredients until well blended. You’ll need a sterilized tin for storage, and as always, be sure to test your creation with a patch test before diving in.

stache wax ingredients

Don’t have a double boiler handy? No worries! Check out our natural and masterfully crafted mustache wax.

Why Make It Yourself?

With the internet and the popularity of beard culture, online shops are popping up all over. You’ll even be able to find some products in your local grocery store. But if you’re going to dedicate yourself to achieving the beard of your dreams, you’ll need ingredients you can count on. Everything you put on your skin and hair is going to impact the growth, health, and fullness of your mustache and beard.

Real Bearded Men is made up of just that - real men who love their beards. We care about every ingredient that goes into our products and take measures every step of the way to offer you only the best for your own real beard. We have dedicated ourselves to the science of what real beards need and which ingredients best provide that care. If you’re interested in learning more about our all natural oils, check out our selection here.  Stay up to date with all of our latest releases on our site!


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