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We were listening to an interview by rising country star Jordan Davis, where he talks about his beard care regimen and how life is with such a great beard. This quote really jumped at out us:

"You asking to touch my beard is like me asking to touch a pregnant woman's stomach," he says smiling. "I think that's like equal in the awkward scale."


Country singer Jordan Davis and his amazing beard

Davis says his beard is one of the first things people ask him about when they first see him. “It’s definitely become a pretty big talking point, and I get a lot of questions if they can touch my beard. I don’t know if they want to see if it’s, I don’t know, maybe they don’t think it’s real.” To him, the idea of strangers wanting to stroke something he’s worked so hard on is not great, especially as a married man.

We’ve had people come up to us too asking to touch our beards, and it’s not something we’re crazy about either. If you’re guilty of this beard culture taboo, read on for a few of our other least favorite things.

Don’t Touch the Beard

As we’ve covered here, a lot of people don’t really like being touched by strangers.


Image reads: Touching a man's beard was offensive enough to warrant a duel in the Middle Ages.


Beards make a great conversation starter, but don’t just reach out and stroke someone’s beard. Even if we didn’t just oil it up and are trying to keep it tidy, how do we know where your hands have been? But if you’re absolutely dying to touch someone’s beard, make sure you ask first.

Don’t Assume We’re Just Too Lazy to Shave

Beards have become a huge thing. Our biggest pet peeve though is getting that look and having someone ask if we’re just too lazy to shave. Yes, not having to shave is a huge perk and it definitely saves time. But having a beard is about a lot more than that, and for a lot of us, the decision definitely didn’t stem from just not being a morning dude.

Don’t Lump Beard Culture Together


Image shows 25 different types of beards


There are many different types of bearded men. Hipster, lumberjack, the extremes, and then there’s just your next door neighbor who likes having a beard. Don’t think one bearded man is the same as the next, or will appreciate being lumped into one big beard culture stereotype.  

Of course, these are all just from our points of view and every beard and every guy is different. As a general rule, don’t go touching strangers and you’ll be fine.


BONUS: Want to know what Davis said his absolute favorite beard product was? He says the first time he tried a peppermint beard product, he couldn't get enough of it!

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