Curly, Crinkly, Fuzzy... RBM's Guide to Wavy Beard Hair


RBM's Guide to Wavy Beard Hair

In recent years, especially since the growth in popularity of 'No Shave November', beards have been getting a lot of attention - and for good reason too! A great beard worn with pride can make a man feel confident, sexy and more careful about their appearance. 

Luckily there are no restrictions on how a beard should look, leaving you to accept and embrace your facial hair in whatever style you choose. However, the reality is that some types of beards are easier to care for than others, and our readers have expressed their struggles, particularly with crinkly beards. Here we present to you the wavy and fuzzy beard guide, full of information, product advice, tips solutions tips to help you with your curly conundrum! 

Genetics and Condition

The type of hair in your beard is an inherited feature, and you cannot naturally or easily fight genetics. Hair can be totally straight or tightly frizzed (or something curly between the two), and genes are also responsible for rate and direction of growth, patchy coverage and color.

Curly Beard Hair Genetics

As the hair of your beard grows longer you might find the overall shape changes with it. A short, straight hair with a slight, almost unnoticeable kink may transform into a curly hair as it lengthens, and although when pulled straight it might be treble the length, its springy transformation keeps it closer to the skin than you bargained for when you decided to let it grow!

Hair and skin condition also play an important part in how your hair grows. Research shows that dry, damaged follicles can cause the hair to stiffen and curl. Dryness occurs when there is a lack of oil in your skin, but luckily we can provide the solutions for this with our wide variety of beard oils and shampoos from Real Bearded Men.

Curly Beard Grooming

Grooming a curly beard could be overwhelming at first, but be patient! With the right products and routines it can become a much enjoyable exercise and definitely bring the desired results. 

Curly Beard Grooming

Step 1: Find The Right Tools 

Your best friend is the comb (or even several varieties of comb), made from good quality natural materials such as sandalwood or ox horn. We recommend combs with wider, bigger teeth to tease through the fuzz, although there is no hard and fast rule for what will suit you. You can find our selection of beard combs here. The secret is to use them consistently with a regular daily routine, taking care to brush in the same direction of growth to avoid hair damage and stimulate blood supply.

Step 2: Develop A Routine 

Owning a good comb is the right start but it's not enough alone to make your beard to look totally awesome. You should add shampoos and oils to your routine for the best care and condition. In your morning shower use beard wash or shampoo especially developed for these special facial hairs, making sure to cleanse to the skin, then rinse well. Once out of the shower, dab your beard until it's just damp – neither wet nor dry – then apply your preferred oil. Note that the best time to apply the oil is always on a clean, damp beard, straight after a shower when your skin pores and hair follicles are most able to soak up the benefit of the moisturizing oil.

Curly hair beard wash or shampoo

Beard balms are recommended for longer beards, and you might wonder if you need both oil and balm. There is no definitive answer! Oil is usually used to moisturize the skin and is best recommended for shorter beards as it's not that efficient in controlling those longer hairs. This is where beard balms come into their own! We encourage you to experiment to find the best solution for your curly hairs as each beard (and what you require of it) is an individual entity and only you can decide what works for you.

Curly hair Beard balms


Step 3: Trim Regularly 

Giving your beard a regular trim is an important factor of routine beard care regardless of curly or straight. However, wavy and frizzy hairs especially need attention to a regular trimming routine as they will all too easily protrude in different directions. How often you trim depends on how fast your hair grows, but at least once a month is a general rule, keeping it looking healthy and making it easier to maintain.


Curly Beard Styles

Your wavy or frizzy beard may well choose its own style regardless of your intended design: we all know the curly beard has a personality all of its own! :) However, there is nothing wrong with experimenting, and as the industry and good barbershops are skilled in proposing a variety of styles, it's well worth consulting a professional for advice on style and design, and what might suit you.

Here are a few examples of less-than-straight beards to give you some ideas of what may be possible for you:


Tight Curls: A well curved short beard can be perfect for thick hair which is hard to grow.

Tight Curls Wavy Beard

Full Beard: Not easy to maintain, but if you have the time and good curls, go for this awesome full beard style! It can tangle easily so make sure to comb every day and have it trimmed consistently.

Curly Hair Full Beard

Short Stubble: The easiest style to grow and maintain as your naturally curly beard hair doesn't get a chance to truly flourish. You can leave it to grow for 2-3 days, and if this style suits you just trim regularly so that it never grows beyond one inch in length. 

Medium Stubble: Just like the short stubble but obviously left to grow a little longer. The tip is to keep the mustache a little shorter than the rest of the beard to give it a more prominent look.


Curly Beard With Long Hair: A full beard gives a fantastic look to any man who has a thick head of hair, giving a focus on the balance between the top and the bottom of the face.

Curly Beard With Long Hair

Bushy: A bushy beard is usually associated with natural hair growth, and there is beauty in this, and your look will become more wild! If you don't want straight, trimmed lines, this could be a style for you. 


Bushy Mustache with Curly Bushy Beard: The combination between a bushy mustache and curly beard can bring some very nice surprises! Although needing some particular upkeep, don’t be afraid to experiment with this longer, bushy mustache style to go with your long, curly beard - it could be exactly the right combination for you!

Bushy Mustache with Curly Bushy Beard

The Neat Look: Your curly beard will need to be grown to a medium length, and then trimmed to a pointed shape on your chin. Beard products will need to be used to keep this design in order.

For even more styles to choose from, make sure to check our Beard Styles and Face Shapes article.


The Pros And Cons Of Beard Straightening Solutions

Having a curly beard can be cumbersome, and some men will crave to straighten those kinks out for an easier life!

Using hair dryers or straightening irons can have their benefits, but you should be aware that both these tools will dry hair out if used constantly, bringing their own unique problems. Set on how heat and used carefully is the only way to go with these implements.

Chemicals can also be used to help straighten hair although it's especially important to research the pros and cons to reach an informed decision before choosing this option. There are plenty of chemical products on the market but chemicals have their own drawbacks. They are the least natural solution which for sure will have a reaction for your hair and skin other than the desired straightening effect.


  • Easy to apply. Chemicals can be applied using your hands, according to the product instructions. Use a comb or brush to distribute the product evenly throughout your hair. 
  • Organic: Some solutions are organically based rather than containing chemicals. As a rule these take a longer time before showing some results, but they will cause less damage to your scalp and hair. 
  • Straightening solutions give the opportunity to give a versatile, adaptable look for an otherwise unruly mess of hair. 


  • Chemical products usually give off unpleasant odors.
  • It might take some time and experimentation to find the right product for your beard. 
  • Unless you also use a beard straightener, the results will not always appear immediately after using some chemical products. 
  • Both straighteners and chemicals can damage your skin and hair. Using both together can further these adverse effects.
  • Accidently using too much product can cause a burning sensation on your skin and leave an unwelcome residue on your clothes.
  • Although most chemical products can be applied at home, the best option is to visit an experienced professional at a barbershop. 


Straightening Your Beard Naturally

Straightening your beard naturally is all about routine, plus a few tips and tricks thrown in. The process will depend on your patience and the products you use, and applying shampoos, oils and balms on a daily basis plays a large part in the overall success.

Don't be tempted to use soaps or shampoos made for the hair on your head as they can be harsh and unforgiving. Only use products developed for those special chin hairs! And clean water alone is not enough as it will not remove the daily build up of grease and grime.


Daily Routine

  1. To start your morning routine, use a beard wash, in the shower or with warm water over the hand basin. 
  2. Partially dry your beard with a soft towel, patting down and against the face. 
  3. Using your preferred brush or comb, groom your curls with a consistent downward movement, following the direction of hair growth. 
  4. Apply the beard oil for moisturizing and control. 
  5. Use your blow-dryer on a gentle, low heat setting, while continuing to comb. 
  6. Once your beard is dry, apply beard balm which will help to keep the hairs in line.

Important Tips


  • Don’t rub your beard with a towel after showering; instead pat dry gently with a soft towel. 
  • Don’t use a blow-dryer on a hot setting; this will damage your hair and is unpleasant for the face. 
  • Don’t apply too much product, whether oil or balm. The beard should healthy, not look greasy! 
  • Always brush or comb in the same direction as your hair grows.  

Stick to your routine and be patient for the results. You can't change genetics but you can help your beard to be healthy and well-kept, and although you may never be able to straighten the curls out completely, with a good basic daily routine you can keep them well groomed and under control.

Keep us posted on your progress, we are eager to know how you’re doing!



  • Posted on by Brian
    Great advice. I’m gonna try a few different styles with my wavy beard until I get something I feel comfortable with.
  • Posted on by Dudley

    I’ve got really unmanageable frizzy hair and the tips here have definitely helped. Thanks!

  • Posted on by Alex

    Thanks for the tips! I usually use a hairdryer and a little of oil. Will also try applying balm when my beard is dry

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