Does Your Beard Need An Oil Change?


 Greasy Beard? Could you be using the wrong oil? All beard oils are the same, right? Well, no, they’re not! Read on…

does your beard need an oil change

Some brands of oil can leave your beard feeling like it’s been saturated by a pan of French Fries, while others keep it feeling light and manageable while remaining hydrated and in great condition. Thankfully here are Real Bearded Men we are pleased to say that our oils and balms are not only a great addition to your beard care routine, but completely natural, leaving your facial hair feeling at its best without a hint of heaviness.

What Does Beard Oil Do?

Without the use of oil your skin can become dry and flaky, and your beard brittle and frizzy. The benefits of beard oil are many and as it makes a good all-round grooming accessory for every beard. For new beard growth it will help to get your skin through the early stages of adapting to having hairs on the chin, with its easy and convenient moisturizing properties that quickly absorb into the follicles.

beard oil

What Does Beard Balm Do?

Beard oil has many benefits for those with longer beards, as the skin under that umbrella of hair still needs to be kept in a good, moisturized condition. However, using beard balm spread evenly throughout the longer hairs will help to soften and style. It consists of a thicker texture with a higher viscosity, and therefore takes longer to absorb. This is great for lengthy beards, offering longer-lasting conditioning and nourishment, and it can be used to help provide shape not only to your beard, but your sideburns and mustache too.

beard balm

Beard Balm vs Oil

Both Oil and Balm can have a place in your facial hair repertoire and choosing between the two is a matter of preference, as well as depending on what style of beard you wear. They both have benefits and fit different needs for your skin and hair, with oil giving the skin the moisturizer it requires as well as added shine to the hair, while balm provides softness and easy stylability. You don’t have to choose between them if you don’t want to, as using both can provide you with a beard that’s shiny, groomed, and formidable. Just be sure to use either (or both) in moderation or you may get back to the French Fries oil pan look! As with any new hair or skin product, start gradually, and when using both products, use oil before balm so that the balm can lock in the extra moisture.

Real Bearded Men Beard Oil Collection

All of our Beard Oils are made from the finest, safest ingredients such as sweet almond oil (a great source of vitamin E), avocado oil (for helping with absorption while simultaneously stimulating blood flow and unclogging hair follicles), essential oils (providing scent and nutrient-rich conditioning), coconut, castor, and apricot oils, and extra vitamin E for added shine.

With a unique character all of its own, Bourbon Street emits a soothing vanilla fragrance and is made from a blend of organic and essential oils, vitamins, and butters, combined to provide nutrients to aid growth, prevent breakage and promote a natural shine and fullness. Suitable for deep conditioning of hair and skin, good for thick hair growth, and enhanced blood circulation.
    bourbon street oil
    Natures Breeze is made with a rich combination of natural oils and vitamins designed to moisturize and strengthen, helping to prevent thinning and breaking; promoting healthy skin and hair with durability and a natural shine. Ideal for those men who work or play outside where the elements can be unforgiving, summer or winter! The natural light aroma gives it its own distinctive character.
      nature breeze oil
      Almond, jojoba, and avocado oils provide vitamin E to moisturize both skin and hair, while generating new follicles for growth and deepening natural hair color. A great combination designed for easy stylability, high shine, and a fantastic aroma with a scent specifically blended to appeal to the manliest of men! After one week of use you will notice the difference.
        the gentleman oil A light product blended specifically for oily beards, Citrus Pine is designed to leave your beard fresh and moisturized without becoming greasy, while offering a strong, lasting hold for styling. Pairing natural organic essential oils to emit a citrus scent, it offers a distinctive citrus cleanse with a slightly woody undertone.
          citrus pine oil
          The perfect combination of blended oils and butters for a clean and healthy beard, Tree Time is our Tea Tree based product to maintain healthy hair roots, fostering health from within. Designed to clear blockages in pores, prevent flakes, and provide nourishment with a light and clean scent. A good product to enhance the texture of your beard, no matter the size, shape, or consistency. It also prevents itching by softening beard hairs and moisturizing skin.
            tree time beard oil
            Inspired by the #BeardedLegend Spencer Rupaka, and created with our specific customer needs and requests in mind, the Rupaka Oil uses blends of the highest quality organic and essential oils to promote growth and provide any beard with the nourishment it needs to reach its full potential, looking great and feeling better. It is a symbol for everything that a Real Bearded Men should be. It’s not about just having a beard, it's about having fun with it and promoting the right things for our friends, families, and peers. This is an oil that will bring joy and happiness to many beards and for us there is no greater joy than that. Included with the purchase of this order are special instructions from Spencer Rupaka: Love Your Families / Don't Drink and Drive / Kapow / Come Git' Summa' Dat!!!

              the rupaka beard oil We bring the famous therapeutic qualities of the Dead Sea right to your doorstep with this exciting product, to nourish your beard with salt from a body of water that’s over 15 million years old! The Dead Sea is known for its many healing qualities for both skin and hair, and in addition, our product combines a range of oils that make your beard feel amazing. This is one of the most well-balanced oils available, giving shine and softness while protecting the skin, as well as promoting strong, healthy beard growth by strengthening roots and helping to repair damaged hair and stimulating new growth. The all-natural essential oils give an earthy aroma with citrus undertones, offering a refreshing natural smell that lasts.

                dead see salt beard oil


                All our oils are made from high-quality natural ingredients because we want to look after your beard in the best way possible.


                Real Bearded Men Beard Balm Collection

                Crafted from natural butters and coconut oil, our beard balm products provide a gentle and natural moisturizer. Beeswax is included to lock in moisture, sweet almond oil to boost growth and essential oils for a light, rejuvenating scent. If aroma and styling is your main focus, take a peek at our Beard Balm products for something with more punch for long-term moisturizing, conditioning, and styling for your beard. 

                Our Hemp Beard Balm consists of a one of a kind blend that provides high shine and beard softening like no other product available on the market. Hemp promotes healthy skin and hair, and stimulates growth at the roots, with its perfect balance of fatty acids from all-natural hemp oil. Topped off with a hint of coconut and almond oil to prevent breakage and reduce itchiness, keep your beard in top condition and smelling great with a deep, earthy scent with this unique blend of natural and essential oils. 

                  hemp beard balm
                  With a combination of quality oils for healthy hair, beeswax for hold, Old Havana has a unique aroma determined by real coffee grains and a tobacco scent to create an unusual, relaxing alternative to the casual, everyday style. Made in the good ol’ US of A, Old Havana Beard Balm encompasses a blend of soothing oils and ingredients for maximum smoothness and healthy hair, plus beeswax to tame and strengthen that manly mane! 

                    old havana beard balm
                    With an intoxicating tropical scent designed to keep you refreshed all day, every day, this beard balm will leave your beard feeling amazing and smelling great. Masterfully blended with high-quality oils, beeswax, and essential oils, it gives your beard exactly what it needs for a healthy dose of relaxation and holiday feel.

                      tropical beard balm
                      A unique blend of natural ingredients for deep conditioning and a lasting hold, our unscented balm is an innovation created in response to your requests for a superior product containing all-natural ingredients that provide the health benefits you need but without any aroma whatsoever. Containing vitamin E for antioxidants and healthy sebum production, beeswax for deep conditioning, and coconut and avocado oils to nourish your hair at the root and keep your skin protected, plus beeswax, the original moisturizer offering a healthy fullness.

                        unscented beard balm


                          Our balms, with their all-natural ingredients, protect your facial hair against breakage, reduce itchiness, and grooms and holds your hair to perfection, and most are enhanced by gentle aromas to augment the greatness of your beard.

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