Christmas Gifts From Real Bearded Men, For Real Bearded Men


What do you give the man who has everything, including the greatest gift of all – a beard?

christmas gifts for bearded men


Well, if you’re looking for the perfect present to give to a man with a beard, we’ve got some great suggestions for you. And if you want to treat yourself because you can’t wait for what Santa might bring, choose something entirely selfishly – after all, your beard deserves the best and who else can choose the exact product that matches its needs so well?

beard oils


For a small but essential gift, our beard oils are perfect. If you’re buying for a bearded man and not sure where to start, you can’t go wrong with something from our selection of quality oils. We offer seven oil options, all made from the finest ingredients using carefully selected products such as coconut, castor, and apricot oils for moisture and shine, and essential oils with vitamin E for conditioning and a gentle aroma to stimulate the senses that those around you will truly appreciate.

beard balms


If you’d prefer to give something a little more specific, how about beard balm? Great for longer and thicker beards, it has all the qualities of an oil but with a higher viscosity, making it perfect for absorption into longer, courser hairs. And it has the added benefit of offering more ability to style so that it can help shape to your beard, sideburns, and mustache. Our combination of natural ingredients protects facial hair against breakage, reduces itchiness, and grooms your beard to perfection, using natural butters, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and beeswax. Once again we have added essential oils for that light, rejuvenating aroma, but also offer an unscented one for those who prefer their products ‘au naturale’.

gift set idea


If you’d like to give something a bit more opulent we have some great men's gift set ideas. We have put together a selection of products to give a winning combination of beard care products and gift sets, with something to suit every budget. Maybe an oil and balm bundle will do the trick, or go further and choose one of our luxury gift sets which include both the essentials of beard maintenance and a grooming tool or two, such as a sandalwood or ox horn comb, or a boar bristle brush, for example. Each of our four gift packages have options for choosing which products to include (use the dropdown boxes to select your choice) and all come in a natural wood box featuring the Real Bearded Men logo. In fact, we consider the box a gift in itself, classy and unobtrusive, and when the contents are used up it makes a great container to store your replenished stocks!

luxury gift set


Whether buying for a friend or a loved one, we are sure the recipient will be delighted with our superb products, with everything made from the finest quality materials and suitable for every beard type; gentle and nurturing for the best possible hair condition. Have a look through the choices we offer and don’t forget to read our articles in our regular blog, which covers both useful info and quirky facts for all things ‘beard’!

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