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It wasn't too long ago that having a beard at work was completely frowned upon or not allowed at all. Lately, this has been changing and at an incredibly fast rate. 

We updated you recently on Publix, a major employer in Florida who had held onto a no-beard rule for too long. This has recently been changed and has employees feeling grateful. American military branches have been discussing an update to the rules and policies, but nothing has gone into effect yet. But recently, two major groups have been in the news in regards to beard policies. 

The Canadian military announced an ease on restrictions in regards to their members having beards while in uniform. Effective immediately, they cited an attempt to modernize the military, increase recruitment, and improve morale as their reasoning behind the move. As of now, all service members are allowed well groomed beards and mustaches, provided they are no more than two centimeters thick. The only other restrictions apply to personnel operating in places where firefighting equipment could be necessary. 

This decision followed two years of debate, and was announced along with other guideline easing: troops are also allowed to use marijuana and are no longer required to purchase their own boots. 

For the other group discussing beard rules, the outcome has not yet been decided. The Police Service of Northern Ireland is following up on a review last year of its policies, which required officers to remain clean-shaven while on duty. When this change was announced, members were quick to protest and an industrial tribunal is scheduled for this November to decide if the policy will remain or not. 

The times are changing! If you're worried you'll be judged harshly for rocking your beard at work, don't! Companies and employers are realizing that it's time to modernize and move forward, and those without strict beard policies are less likely than ever to see an awesome beard on their employees as a negative thing.



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