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September is exciting for a lot of reasons. It’s officially back to school season and the time for new beginnings. We’re starting to see signs of fall and an end to the heat and humidity of the summer. But most importantly, September first was World Beard Day.


World Beard Day got us to thinking about otherworldly beards. Humans have the beard growing thing down pat, but can they claim to have the best beards period? We’ve put together a compilation of the top otherworldly beards to see if we can’t come to a conclusion on who does it better: us or them?

First up is William Riker of Star Trek: The Next Generation. He’s got the grooming down, we’ll give him that. That is one well taken care of beard. But is it magnificent enough to compete?

A bearded William Riker smiling


Saruman of Lord of the Rings is an iconic figure. He’s got length, the long hair to match, and has even matched it to his outfit. Props.


Saruman with a long white beard and his matching white outfit and staff

Heading up the mutton chops look is Wolverine. We don’t know anyone who can pull off chops that well, so we’ll give this one to him.


A comic book cover showing Wolverine and his amazing sideburns

Is there a word for a mustache that brackets a goatee/beard combo like this? If not, there should be, just to honor Commander Worf from Star Trek: Next Generation. If not for that, then certainly for those eyebrows.


A close up of Commander Worf


Game’s over, y'all. Hagrid takes it. Length, fullness, it even looks fluffy and clean.


Hagrid in all of his bearded glory

We can’t leave out the sea creatures. Davy Jones went for a unique look- foregoing hair for some kind of tentacle.


Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean with a beard of squid like tentacles

Remember this cantankerous old dude from Transformers 2? Jetfire the Decepticon turned Autobot? He’s showing off a metal beard here that we’re definitely into.


One of the characters from Transformers with a dangerous looking metal beard


And to round it out, we’ll leave you with the best mustaches in animation: Mario and Luigi.


Mario and Luigi jumping with one fist raised


When it’s all said and done, it’s hard to say who’s truly able to grow the best beards between us or them. What we definitely lose out on though, is variety. The next time you grow a beard from a set of tentacles, or find yourself a set of eyebrows to match Worf’s, be sure to let us know.

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