Bearded In The Modern World

So it's now 2017, and you've decided to grow a beard. Followed by numerous questions that you've asked yourself.
For example, "should I do this", "what will my friends and family say", "will my wife (girlfriend) like it" or "is it sanitary".
We have all been there, and wondered is it as simple as just not shaving.
In a modern world filled with clean shaven millennials, you may have a harder time blending it. But you could look at this as an opportunity to stand out, get noticed or just simply do it for yourself. Beards have become a common practice of many walks of life.
It's not just for Hipsters and Lumberjacks anymore. Sure, Hipsters will seek accolades for bringing the trend to surface, and that's OK, but anyone who knows even the slightest information regarding history, knows that beards have been part of our society since the dawn of time.
OK, so now that you have decided to take this journey into beardhood, what now?
You will need to makes changes in your life, because, as we know, having a beard is a lifestyle in many ways. First and foremost, patience, Rome wasn't built in a day, depending on your genetics, this could be a long and bumpy ride. Try to get plenty of sleep, find yourself a list of testosterone building foods, to fuel those follicles, and consider at least some minimal excercise, which will also aid to boosting that testosterone. While exercising your new found level of patience, try and keep your stress levels down, this will also speed the growth of that magnificent beard.
Next issue, maintenance, I'd have to recommend not even considering any type of trimming or shaping for at least 2 months, you must first discover where your beard is headed, in regards of shape and direction.
Yes, you will itch, you will have some dry skin, and that's where I strongly recommend a good beard oil and beard balm. These products are available from Real Bearded Men Beard care.
These products will soothe the skin and keep it hydrated, therefore eliminating itch and beard dandruff. These products are 100% All Natural, don't be fooled by the cheaper brands on your pharmacy shelf, they are filled with chemicals and preservatives, which could lead to damaging your beard. Beard Oil and Beard Balm will become just as necessary as the bar of soap in your shower. Which brings me to our next topic, cleanliness, I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your beard clean, once again, consider the Real Bearded Men Beard Wash, it is completely natural and will not strip any nutrients from your beard, keeping it healthy and strong, while keeping the growth to its fullest potential. You will learn many things throughout your journey, things that are crucial in aiding to what works best for you.
In closing, I would like to say welcome to the brotherhood, this will prove to be one of the best decisions you have ever made. You will walk tall and feel confident, you will find brothers like you as well, brothers who share the same goal, growing and maintaining that beard.
Good luck and Godspeed, on your journey to becoming completely Epic.

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    The journey is real…be patient with your man the end result is worthwhile!!! ❤️ Be supportive and find an expert beard grooming stylist like myself to keep him looking fresh #tanglesrichboro

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