Beard Styles Without Sideburns And The Curly Issue


Beard Styles Without Sideburns And The Curly Issue_

Many of us sport beards that don’t connect to our head hair – in other words, we have beard styles that don’t include sideburns.

We tend to think of these types of beard as being only present on the chin, when actually almost any amount of hair can comprise of this sort of beard, it just needs the lack of sideburns to qualify. This can be managed by either shaving off the area where sideburns grow down from the head, in front of the ears, or containing the beard so that it doesn’t protrude too far along the jawline to join up with existing sideburns

If you decide you want this type of style for yourself, how should you go about it, and what should you do to maintain it? These are easy questions to answer if you have easily manageable straight hair, but it’s a little more tricky if you have curly locks. So we’re here to take you through the highs and lows of sideburn-less beards!

No Sideburns Van Dyke


The most easily recognizable style of facial hair that doesn’t include sideburns must be the Goatee and its many derivatives, but we must also mention, amongst others, the Van Dyke, the Soul Patch and the Zappa. Let’s not forget the numerous mustache styles too, without chin hair, that also qualify for the no-sideburn look! You can find more on styles and what might suit you in our exclusive guide, here.

No Sideburns Beard Zappa

If you tend to have patchy hair on your cheeks or along your jaw line, a type of beard that doesn’t connect to sideburns could be right for you. You won’t have to worry about the ‘full’ look, instead concentrating on the hair on your chin (and the accompanying mustache) to give you a well groomed appearance without the uneven growth beyond. Such patchy and erratic behavior of your facial hair is often genetic, and we provide some great tips on how to manage this annoying occurrence in our guide Patchy Beards – What’s The Deal article.

No Sideburns Patchy Beard

Curly Hair

You’ve settled for a beard without sideburns, but you have naturally curly or frizzy hair that easily fills the gap between beard and head hair. What to do? The obvious answer is to choose a style that confines the hair to the chin area, keeping it well trimmed and in control.

No Sideburns Curly Hair Beard

But what about your desire to have something that fills the face more fully? Again, trimming the edges to shape will help, but equally important is the use of products to help tame those wayward hairs to stop them from trying to meet up with your ears! Beard Oil is a recommended product to use on a daily basis to help maintain the condition of your beard, whatever your hair type. Curly hair is particularly prone to dryness so the benefits of oil are twofold: combating the moisture issues as well as helping to tame the hair into direction and shape, ironing out the frizz as much as possible without losing the fullness that curly hair brings to any beard. If those cheeky little hairs remain rebellious, Beard Balm will bring them into line, with its thicker texture which is great for extra styling and shape.

No Sideburns Beard beard balm oil

To Sideburn or Not to Sideburn

We’d say there is no reason to avoid a beard with no sideburns if that’s what you fancy, regardless of how your hair grows or its texture and consistency. You simply have to decide on the best style that benefits your face and how you want it to look: sharp and dapper on the chin, or fuller around the face. And every hair length can be catered for, from the shortest stubble to the longest locks; it’s only a matter of removing the sideburns or kerbing the growth upward. And if you’re not sure, you could go for the faded look where the sideburns are vaguely present but not abundant! Try it!

beard style faded sideburns look



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    I have a patchy beard and a beard style which is similar to “Balbo”. Everybody says it looks dope

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