A Beard in Summer: False or Fact?


Whether you’re a newly bearded man or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to have heard at least one of these myths about having a beard in the summer. It can be tough to separate what’s true from what’s just a myth with all the information available. We’ve broken down the most common myths and facts about having a beard in the summer here so that you’re ready to beat the heat and stay healthy all summer long.

1. Your Beard will Heat you Up


Probably the most common misconception, it is widely believed that having a beard during the summer will make you hotter, that the extra hair you’re carrying around is going to insulate heat and make the hot summer months that much more unbearable. But this actually couldn’t be any further from the truth. Little known fact: your beard actually keeps you cooler in the heat.

One of the reasons that people think their beards must heat them up in the summer is that they’ve noticed they feel warmer in the winter with a beard. This is not because your beard acts as a little furry face heater, but because it acts as a sort of shield between you and the elements. It offers a sort of shade from the sun along with an evaporative cooling effect and you’ll find if it’s properly cared for, you’ll be afforded one natural protection against that hot summer heat.

2. Your Beard Can Protect you From Skin Cancer


A recent study in Australia has found that your beard effectively blocks up to 95% of UV rays- that’s more effective than the highest SPF! Now, of course this depends on the thickness of your beard and how long you’re out in the sun. But if you’re rocking a thick and full beard, you can feel comfortable without sunscreen.

3. Your Beard will Grow Faster in the Summer


A series of experiments in 2009 showed that hair and beards actually grow more quickly in the summer. This comes from the link between Vitamin D and testosterone- typically during the summer you’re soaking in that beautiful sun and as you do, your testosterone increases by almost a third. As your testosterone increases, so too does your rate of hair growth. Hair follicles take their nutrients from your bloodstream, and the higher activity level and Vitamin D absorption experienced in the summer increase your blood flow, leading to a longer and thicker beard.

4. Your Beard won’t Require Different Care in the Summer


It’s important to remember that even if your beard isn’t making you hotter, it’s still going to be feeling the effects of the sun, heat, and sweat just like the rest of you.

During the winter it’s important to protect your beard from the dry air and during the summer you need to protect it from those effects you’ll be feeling.

As much as your beard helps you feel a bit cooler, you’re still bound to sweat. Sweat can irritate your skin and hair and cause you to feel itchy, which can then lead to shedding. The best remedy against this is a cooling beard oil or balm. Our recommendation would be our Peppermint Beard Balm or our Tree Time Beard Oil, both of which offer a cooling and tingling effect and will keep your beard refreshed and moisturized. Beard balms and oils are also incredibly important if you’re spending a lot of time swimming. Chlorine can wreak havoc on your hair if it’s not protected against correctly.

Don’t miss out on a natural skin protector or the chance to take advantage of speedier growth! Come out on the other end of the summer with a longer beard and healthier skin.  


  • Posted on by AyKay

    Summer’s here and I’ve kept the beard, but I have trimmed it down a bit. I’m buying some peppermint balm right now!

  • Posted on by Federico

    Hmm, I generally become clean shaved for the summer and grow a beard for winter but maybe I should keep it this year and see for myself if I get hot or not. I assumed I would but this has given me second thoughts. Cheers guys!

  • Posted on by John Oster

    No kidding about the Tea Tree Oil, I use it everyday and it’s a life-saver, this summer especially.

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