Beard Grooming Routine

This is a great video with one of our Real Bearded Men Ambassadors Omar B Scarborough showing off his morning beard grooming routine. Omar has been with us from the start and it has been our pleasure to watch his beard grow over the years. He is the proud owner of Avenue City Productions a Media Company in North Carolina.

In this video we get to see how Omar takes care of his mane before going out!!!

This is a great method for those of us with a ticker more coarse beard. Using a Blow dryer with a comb attachment really can make a huge difference.

Watch how Omar gets his beard nice and neat and then applies some product. You will notice that in the video when he applied product he applies it into the skin and into the beard and thoroughly lets it absorb into the beard. This ensures that the benefits of the beard oil and the beard balm will be spread to the skin and the hair.

Another important part of this beard routine is actually listening to music while you groom your beard. If you haven't groomed your beard while jamming out yet then you are truly missing out. The beard is part of music culture in a big way. No matter what type of music you like you should definitely be playing it when you are doing your grooming routine in the morning.  

Hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give the video a like and subscribe to Omar's YouTube channel. Also make sure to check out the Real Bearded Men YouTube channel and subscribe to us as well. 


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