America’s Best Beards: The Results of the 2018 Great American Beard and Mustache Championships


Richmond, VA Every other year, The Alliance (short for The North American Competitive Beard and Mustache Alliance, or NACBMA) works together to promote, coordinate, and schedule their Great American Beard and Mustache Championship. The specific host for each championship is voted on by them based on submitted bids.

This championship alternates with WBMA’s World Championship, and so is held on even numbered years. The idea behind the championships is to grow and promote beards while raising money for local and national non-profits. Their national charity is the Humane Society, and this year’s local charity was The Pink Ink Fund, a fund that supports post-mastectomy breast cancer patients with reconstructive, restorative, and recovery tattoos.

This year, the host club was the RVA Beard League out of Richmond. They focus on promoting a respect for beards through community, charity, and camaraderie.

All this to say that this is a pretty fantastic group of individuals fighting the good fight from top to bottom. The judges for this year’s championships bring pride to the event, take a look at them:

Bill Petersen, Missouri

"Taxi Phil" Jones, Ohio

Rita Bielefeldt, California

Greg Schoenwolf, Utah

Jeremy Smith, Washington

Jason Kiley, Wisconsin

Chris Adler, Virginia

This championship has some incredible categories, covering Mustache, Partial Beard, Full Beard, and Artistic.

Mustache Category Types

Partial Beard category types

Artistic Beard category types

Full beard category types


If you’re interested in the specific qualifications for the categories, you can find them on their site here.

From judge to contestant, contestant to spectator, this event had some beautiful beards and mustaches. Here are a few of our favorites among the Blue Ribbon winners:

Hungarian Mustache

0302 Filipe Taco National-21.jpg

Chad Holgerson, Missouri


Goatee Natural

0302 Filipe Taco National-21.jpg

Patrick Dawson, Washington


Realistic Artistic

0302 Filipe Taco National-21.jpg

Natali Johnston, South Carolina


Sideburns/Mutton Chops

0302 Filipe Taco National-21.jpg

Patrick Quinn



0302 Filipe Taco National-21.jpg

Shannon Clinkenbeard, Texas


Imperial Partial Beard

0302 Filipe Taco National-21.jpg

Mehmet Mete, Germany


Full Beard Natural, Under 12"

0302 Filipe Taco National-21.jpg

Bob Gallagher, Pennsylvania 


Full Beard Natural With Mustache

0302 Filipe Taco National-21.jpg

Scott Metts, Florida


Did you attend this year’s Great American Beard and Mustache Championship? Did you compete? We’d love to hear from you! Send us your pictures on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll feature you in our newsletter!

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