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A lot of people always ask me about beard growth and what are some things they can do to get a stronger fuller beard. There are a lot of factors that play a role in beard growth but I figured since everyone loves to eat I would compile a nice list of foods that will help the overall health of your beard. These aren’t magical foods that will overwrite you genetics however they will have an impact on healthy beard growth in different ways depending on the particular benefits that the food has. The list below is a suggestion based on my personal knowledge research. There are many other foods that can do the job but these are highly recommended. Also for the most part these foods will be good for the health of not just your beard but you body as well. I hope this helps some of my Beard Brothers out and that you will have a strong healthy beard.



  1. Sweet Potato - Sweet potatoes are high in Beta-carotene this will help with the cell growth in your beard. What happens is that the Beta-carotene is converted into Vitamin A and this will lead to more cell growth within the hairs located on the beard.


  1. Oysters - One of the best sources of zinc. Zinc is a key mineral which helps the cells which are designed for building hairs. Also oysters a great source of protein.


  1. Eggs - Rich in protein and are a natural source of Biotin which is known to strengthen hair and is a well know supplement which helps with beard growth. Eggs also have many minerals in them such as iron, calcium and zinc. There are also topical uses related to Eggs and hair growth but for our purposes we are only talking about eating them.


  1. Spinach - Rich in Calcium, iron, magnesium, protein and potassium, all major factors in having healthy beard growth. If this is not your favorite food, consider making smoothies with spinach in them so that you can still get the benefits.


  1. Liver - Liver is very high in both iron and biotin. Many people tend to get supplements for both. However if Liver is something that you don’t mind eating you will be able to get both from this food.


  1. Cinnamon - Helps flow of oxygen to hair follicles. You don’t need to consume too much of it and you can add it to food to give it a little bit of flavor. Cinnamon has many other great benefits for the body which aside from healthy beard growth.



Hope this list helps you bearded men out there have a beard food diet that promotes healthy beard growth. Also look out for more beard related content we have coming in the near future. If anyone has any beard questions or interesting topics you think we should write about feel free to contact us and let us know. 

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    Out I go to the grocery store to stock up… thanks for the advice!

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