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Those of us from the East Coast might never have heard of Yakima, Washington. But Washington’s tenth largest city has one of the best events offered that side of the US: an annual Beard Festival hosted by Bearded Monkey. Bearded Monkey is a cycling and fitness center owned and operated by some pretty impressively bearded men. A side note with another reason why we’re now thinking about moving to Yakima: it produces 77% of all hops grown in America, so the local brewery scene is hopping (get it?). 

Washington beard festival 1

Yakima’s BeardFest attracts high-quality local talent on a yearly basis. Here’s a look at a few of the contenders from last year’s festival:


Washington beard festival Anthony Delatorre’s

Anthony Delatorre’s commitment to the look here is impressive, as is his dedication to matching.


Patrick Jaszczak BeardFest in Washington

Patrick Jaszczak


Troy Gibso BeardFest in Washington

Hey, if your beard is starting to gray, Troy Gibson is an example that gray can be great.


Jamie Murphy BeardFest in Washington

Jamie Murphy’s beard is not only long, but perfectly tamed and totally tidy. His grooming game is the strongest.


Dennis Morgan BeardFest in Washington

Dennis Morgan is the icon for you silver-bearded foxes out there.


And here are a few of our favorite pictures from this year’s event:

BeardFest in Washington 

With beards like that, surely they won’t be single for long.


BeardFest in Washington  

That’s commitment!


 amie Murphy BeardFest in Washington

Jamie Murphy’s back again this year and still looking epic!

If you’re interested in learning more about BeardFest, check out the Bearded Monkey Cycling and Fitness Facebook page. If you’re looking to obtain the fantastically clean and tidy look that Jamie Murphy has, take a peek through our grooming kits available here and order now to get 15% off! After checking all this out, next year, we just might be heading to Yakima ourselves...

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