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It has been brought to my attention that many men who are trying to grow a beard tend to stop based on the pressure from their peers. So I decided to write this to inspire my fellow bearded brothers to continue the growth.

The truth is that at some point and time most men want to grow a beard but they only get to a certain point before either their friends or significant others start trying to get in the way. Most people do not take into consideration the fact that as much as they may like it or not like it makes you happy. And any guy who hasn’t shaved in a while knows exactly what I am talking about.

The problem here is that everyone wants you to do what they want but if you do what you want and keep the beard they will respect you more for not doing what they want and being true to yourself.

That being said you are going to have to be strong and not give in to the peer pressure and continue growing out your beard. The longer it gets and the more time you spend not shaving it the more others will get used to the idea that it is there to stay.

If you know you will be receiving a lot of heat then don’t fuel the fire. What I mean by this is make sure that your beard is maintained. If it looks sloppy on a daily basis it will give others more of a reason to go about it in a negative way. However if it is neat and well taken care of you will see that even the people that first said they were not so happy about it will begin to come around. This is also a good confidence booster because now people that at first may have been negative will begin to give you compliments.

Maintaining your beard does not have to be anything crazy it can start with just having your barber shaping it for you. Depending on how frequently you go this may do the trick. However once your beard starts getting longer you might have to do a little touching up here and there on your own.

You putting effort into your beard makes others notice that you care about it and will make them care about it too. Once this starts to happen you will see that people will start tagging you beard posts on social media, usually funny beard videos, beard products, and funny beard T-shirts. And for you really lucky beards out there people will even start buying you some of these things for you beard.

This in itself also helps the cause. When you have beard products and funny beard shirts it reinforces your position on the beard in helps people get used to it.

Having products such as beard oil and beard balm will help make your beard healthier and easier to control. Also make sure that you have a handy beard comb or beard brush so that you can always be prepared. Using products helps you get more involved with your beard and allows you to have a little more knowledge and experience in how to treat it.

Some of the reasons people get rid of their beards is because they get itchy, dry, irritated, and become more difficult to maintain. Others will be the ones to point this out before you even get to blink. Keeping your beard softer and well maintained will go a long way especially with your significant other and/or if you have a kid. If it looks, good smells good, and stays soft it really goes a long way. Depending on the type of beard you have there will be different methods to go about achieving this, which will be described in detail in another post.

What I am really trying to get at here is that if you want to grow a big beard and someone is trying to tell you no. It just means they have not gotten used to the fact that you have a beard yet. Because in most situations they say they hate, they don’t like, and then they ask to touch it.

I hope that this helps my bearded brothers out there on their journey to a beard. Everyone will have a different bump in the road to overcome to get other’s to accept their beard. Let the main motivation be that you yourself want to live this life style. If this is the case follow some of these steps and it will make it easier to make the transition. If you go about it the correct way people will get used to your beard!!!


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