Fun with Beard Products


Watch this great review of our product with a comedic twist. Buttery John is a new YouTuber who is extremely talented and reviewed our product with no knowledge or experience with beard care. Watch as he opens the product and uses the beard balm and beard oil for the first time. In this video not only do we get to see the effects of beard products on the beard but John also shows us some other you shouldn’t try this at home style methods of using beard products.


Real Bearded Men by nature are those who have curiosity and following his own curious self John decides to give the beard products a taste test. However we do not recommend that people eat our products we do recommend you watch the video and find out what happens when you eat beard oil and beard balm.

Also for the first time ever on video or at least for the first time we have ever seen it beard oil is put into a vape pen. This once again is not something we would recommend you do but according to John it’s a delightful experience.

Over all this is a fun and exciting video feature Real Bearded Men beard care products with a comedic twist from Buttery John.

Make sure to watch the video and subscribe to his YouTube channel. Also if you like this review let us know and we will feature more videos from Buttery John on our blog!!!!

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