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Beards are a life/love/challenge/experience and all about patience, it comes down to enjoying the growth and all that comes with that of beard growth.  You will have many people in your life whether family/friends or the overall public with opinions and it's up to you to just tune them out and keep pushing on because this too is all part of the trials and tribulations that come with this life, I will start with myself and why/how it all began so take it or leave it.

My name is Raymond Gabrieau and proud of my beard and all that I've dealt with whether it was days of hating the slow process or the days in which it didn't look right to me plus the stares from many around me, I will say that in most cases the stares turn into positive comments from men and women also some negative which seem to come from family lol.  My journey started the day I had broken my dominate right hand which caused me to not be able to properly shave and yes I could have pulled out the trimmer to trim or cut it off, I chose to deal with the growth and just learn to love it.  

Yes it was rough at times and had no real distinct shape but that is again the trials, the first time I decided to go to my barber and have it trimmed/molded was the time I said 'HELL YEAH this is AWESOME' and from then on just let it grow longer to decide what shape I would be happy with.  I have tried on my own to trim the under beard and the cheek line or even the corner under each side of the beard but that was just not effective so I let the barber keep that up, now I just let it go like many of my bearded brother's on many forum groups have said since by looking at their beards it was the correct choice.  

It has been just over 3 months since my last barber trim up and now it's going on 5 months of just letting it grow.  I can tell you with the advice I've had from the bearded brotherhood men that my beard is looking better with leaving the cheek lines alone and just allowing it to grow.  I use proper beard shampoos & conditioners in the shower and after I get out I either pat dry or use a blow

dryer on cool (yes I said blow-dryer) lol. This is the fact that you don't let any of those stereotype ideas of what’s considered a women's item or not just use what is best for your manhood beardum.  After a damp dry I put in proper beard oils and message it in to chin lines and than through the hair itself to allow it to penetrate through the skin which feeds the beard. To finish it off I use proper beard balms which provide my beard with additional protection and allow me to properly shape it.  

Some do use straighteners as well whether the straight iron look or great heated brush straighteners. You can purchase these items online or even at your local beauty suppliers. You don't have to use any of these if your beard hair is somewhat straight or smooth but it helps for the kinky or curly type beard hair.  I am no expert in any way but most become experts in their own right by actually asking questions to those EPIC beard fellows you know personally or online in groups. I do this and learn from trial and error so just keep on learning. Also there are good or recommended YouTube videos which are very informative and helpful. Watching videos make the beard growing adventure more entertaining because you can learn from other people in a fun way.

In closing because I don't want to bore anyone too much lol I'll say this, I love my trip along the growth of my beard and it has become part of my life/look/style/ and brotherhood all around the world as you now know through Facebook.  I have made so many friends around the world and close to me as well plus the different events that have beard & stash competitions which include GREAT charities. It's about all of which I just mentioned plus the meeting of bearded brothers which most will never understand. Oh yeah we also have the beardettes who love us MEN with beards.  So my final words will be this, stay strong be patient and just accept your beard plus the looks whether good bad or whatever because it's all about a life in which you live so BEARD ON BROTHERS.

Thanks for reading, Raymond Gabrieau 'TheCrowBeardedMan' 

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  • Ray

    I am real late on writing my comments and sorry for this my brothers but I received some beard oil from these AMAZING brothers and their GREAT products, it was just the best oil I’ve ever used to date and found it made my beard fuller some how plus the sent ‘Bourbon’ was soooo good. I love their products and highly recommend all of them cuz they put love and dedication in all they do with all the events they go to so support a great team and I will be buying this on a regular basis soon.

    Thanks guys, keep up the great work

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