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Beards seem to be the newest trend in men's style. But in hip hop music there seems to be only a few full grown glorious beards.  The rapper Rick Ross may have been one of the first in this newer age of rap artists to wear one. More recently hip hoppers haven't been wearing the facial extension we've grown to love. No pun intended. But some still are. Such as Action Bronson, Game, and Drake. But, beards have been in hip hop since the Philadelphia Freeway days.

-    I can't seem to find any beards more robust than Mr. Bronson in this new age though. Maybe "Real Bearded Men" should reach out to him, eh? Just a thought. I'm sure he'd be more than willing to try some products out. I know I like oil, and balm combination.

-    Although there have been many beards in the game worthy of these fragrances from Raekwon the chef to Dark Man X (DMX). Although whoever wears a beard worthy of approval has little to do with their actual music being favorable to your ear, it is cool to find an artist that is pretty clever with a beard you don't mind appreciating. Some of my favorites from today, and the past being artists like Yelawolf, Snoop Dogg, & and many more.

-    These days beard perfection has hit an all time high, and personally I'd like to see more fresh beards in the music industry, hip hop in particular. Showing off masculinity, and proving that having a beard doesn't make you look dirty, or lazy when you take care of it correctly.

-    Like I said before it's been more difficult than I anticipated to find beards worthy of blogging about in the hip hop community besides some I've mentioned. Maybe I'll just have to grow mine out the longest, and write about it. Realistically... these trends tend to fade quickly in this generation of rapidly changing opinions, and information overloads. But, the beard has stood the test of time staying relevant for a longer time than some artists have in their career.

-    That being said, I feel like it's trivial but necessary in an era of feminist women growing out armpit hair (which I am perfectly okay with) is fine, but men with long beards get shamed into shaving. Whether it be for work, love, or any social pressure for that matter.

-    People have looked up to, and emulated musicians for what seems like forever. Hip hop is today's musical preference. Maybe if more hip hoppers rocked a magnificent facial achievement. More average men would have the confidence to stand up for their beard to be as long as they want. Just another thought I had.

-    Wrapping this session up, I'm Patrick... but you can call me GRIM.

I'll be writing more about beards in music soon, but if you just can't get enough. Follow me on ig @g_r_i_m_  , or on Soundcloud.com/getrichinmind , or check out me, and my dogs out on YouTube.com/UBTmusic . Underdogs Bite Too is the movement. Until next time my bearded friends. GetRichInMind.

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