Why You Should Be Using Beard Oil!



With the turn of the New Year, it is likely to be another twelve months where fashions and tastes change on a regular basis. Despite this, one thing is for certain, beards are in. As with most recent years, beards are popular and this shows no sign of stopping in 2016. However, although the rise in popularity of the beard is great, there are also problems that come with it and the main one seems to be the lack of care that can be seen on a regular basis. Just like the hair on your head, it needs looking after if you want to keep it healthy and this is where beard oil comes in. You may have been hearing a lot about beard oil recently but what exactly does it do?

Firstly, the best products available on the market are made up from 100% natural ingredients which mean, among other things, it will keep your beard and the skin surrounding the beard, healthy. Many actually offer a pleasant smell on top of that so it can act as a replacement for aftershave which can potentially damage the beard and skin.

Aside from the smell, as we mentioned, the main advantage of using beard oil is the health benefits. Many products include a whole host of essential oils as well as almond, jojoba and grape seed oil. Jojoba is the most common oil used as it is non-toxic and includes hypoallergenic properties in addition to keeping your beard’s natural oil levels sufficient enough to stay healthy. Beard oil works just as a conditioner would on your hair by hydrating the roots ensuring that the next wave of beard hair coming through will be well looked after. This means that you are already looking after new hair before it has even broken through.

Furthermore the skin, which is often ignored once a beard is grown, is kept hydrated by beard oil. This is the best way of keeping your beard from annoying ‘beard flakes’, also known as ‘beard dandruff’, which is never welcome. Although the health benefits are the main reason for its use, beard oil also plays an important part in the grooming side of things. Your beard will be kept smooth and neat and thus preventing a messy beard that can cause aggravation and discomfort.

So now you have decided to start using beard oil or maybe you already have some but are unaware of how to use it properly? When applying beard oil, you want to pour a little into the centre of your palm and then distribute this evenly over the insides of your hands. If you have a deep, rich beard, try to reach right into the source to hydrate the skin. Once you are sure that this has been done, spread the rest evenly throughout your beard. If you need a little more, feel free to pour a little more onto your hands; it is better to add more than to put too much onto your hands and regret it. Start by applying beard oil every day or so but if you feel your beard and skin getting dry in between, you can increase this amount.

Of course, beards are in fashion and are the ultimate sign of manliness but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need looking after on a regular basis!


Photo By Steven Gatti

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